Training Alterations July/August 2019

Monday 22nd

Jo 1 Squad

Swim 4-6pm, Land work 6.15 – 6.45pm

Tuesday 23rd

Jo 1 Squad

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Wed 24th

Jo 1 Squad

 Swim 4-5.30pm


Wed 24th

Jo 2 Squad  (At ponds Forge)

Land work 5.15-5.45pm, Swim 5.45-7.15pm


Jo 2

Cancelled at King Edwards, re arranged session at ponds forge.


Thursday 25th

Snr Elite/Jnr elite and Jo 1



All Squads training at Ponds Forge cancelled

PM cancelled


Friday 26th

Jo 1 squad

Swim 4-5.30pm Land work 5.45-6.15

Jo 2 squad

At ponds Forge

Land work 4.45-5.20pm, Swim 5.30-6.30pm


At Ponds Forge



Saturday 27th

Snr/Jnr Elite and Jo 1



Jo 2 (dive pit)

5.30 – 7.30am


Summer Shut down

All squads last training session will be either Friday 26thor Saturday 27thof July 


Training will recommence on Tuesday 27thAugust  

All squads will train at normal pm training times


Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th

Snr elite


PM training cancelled

Tues 27th – Fri 30thAugust

All squads

(With the exception of Snr elite)

Am training cancelled

PM sessions for all squads to run at normal training times for Land work and swimming

Saturday 31st

Snr Elite, Jnr Elite, Jo 1 and Jo 2

Time to be confirmed nearer the date