Training Alterations

Training Alterations for May 2018



Wednesday 2nd

Jo 3

Cancelled Swap week


Jo 2 (Swap week)

Land work 5.30, Swim 6.05-7.20pm


Saturday 5th

Snr Elite, Jnr Elite and Jo 1 



Jo 2 (dive pit)



Monday 7th

Snr Elite, Jnr Elite and Jo 1



Regional, Regional Youth

(Dive Pit)

5.30 – 6.30am     


Jo 2  (Dive Pit)


  Masters (Leisure Pool)



Jo 3 (Leisure Pool)



All squads

PM training Cancelled due to an event.


Thursday 10th

Snr Elite

3.45-5.45pm (Pod 2. s/c)


Jnr Elite

Land work 4.45pm, Swim 5.45-7.30pm

(Pod 2 s/c)


Jo 1 & Jo 2

Training as normal


Friday 11th

All squads       

Am normal time


Snr Elite

3.30-5pm (pod 2 25m)


Jnr Elite

Pm Cancelled


Jo 3

Normal training time



Land work 5.45 swim 6.30-7.30  


Regional Youth

Swim 6.30-7.30pm     


Jo 1

Land work 5.45 swim 6.30-7.30pm 


Saturday 12th

Snr & Jnr Elite, jo 1



Jo 2 (Dive Pit)



Friday 18th

All squads

Am session as normal


Snr and Jnr Elite

PM session cancelled 


Regional, Regional Youth Jo1 and Jo 3

Normal training

Saturday 19th

Snr &Jnr Elite



Jo 1 and Jo 2

Cancelled Competition


Thursday 24th

Jnr Elite & Jo 1

3.45-5.15pm (pod 1 25m) 

Land work after session


Snr elite

4-6.15pm (pod 2 25m)


Jo 2

Normal training (pod 2 25m)


Friday 25th

All squads

AM as normal



All squads training at ponds forge Cancelled


Saturday 26th

Snr & Jnr Elite



Jo 2 (Dive Pit)



Jo 3 (Leisure Pool)

Re arranged Session 6.30-8am


Jo 1 

Cancelled competing


Please note. w/c Mon 28thMay – British Para swimming is taking place Tuesday onwards. We are still waiting to confirm training times and space.  All pm training will be cancelled from Tuesday. Squads will train in the morning before the event starts.  

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