Premier Meet Draft Program and Rejections

The draft program and rejections list has now been published for our Premier Meet on our Forthcoming Galas page.  If you have a rejection please read the Meet Entry Process document available on that page to understand how these have been generated.

Yorkshire Teams Information

The following information details timings for the various age group teams for the Gala to be held at Ponds Forge on Sunday February 25th.




Yorkshire Teams AM – WARM UP 8am, Arrive 7:30am

GIRLS 11/12yrs 4x50 Free Team

BOYS Open 4x50 Medley Team

BOYS 13/14yrs 4x50Medley Team

GIRLS 15/16yrs 4x50 Free Team

BOYS 9/10yrs 4x50 Free Team

GIRLS 11/12yrs 4x50 Medley Team

BOYS Open 4x50 Free Team

BOYS 13/14yrs 4x50 Free Team

GIRLS 15/16yrs 4x50 Medley Team

Yorkshire Teams PM – WARM UP 1:30pm, Arrive 1:00pm

GIRLS 9/10yrs 4x50 Medley Team

BOYS 11/12yrs 4x50 Free Team

GIRLS Open 4x50 Medley Team

GIRLS 13/14yrs 4x50 Medley Team

BOYS 15/16yrs 4x50 Free Team

GIRLS 9/10yrs 4x50 Free Team

BOYS 11/12yrs Medley Team

GIRLS Open 4x50 Free Team

GIRLS 13/14yrs 4x50 Free Team

BOYS 15/16yrs Medley Team

Max Litchfield wins Yorkshire swimmer of the year

After a year where he continued to dominate British men's Individual Medley swimming, Max was awarded Yorkshire Swimmer of the Year at the Yorkshire Championships at the John Charles Centre. 

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Five COSSS swimmers on Commonwealth teams

Many congratulations to Senior Elite swimmers Ellie Faulkner, Max Litchfield, Joe Litchfield, Rosie Rudin and Abbie Houston for selection for their Commonwealth Games Team.

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Yorkshires medal winning continues!

Our swimmers were at it again last weekend in Leeds, with 13 new Yorhsire Champions and a further 26 other medal winners and numerous other finalists. 

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